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What are crypto ETFs?

There was speculation for most of the year about whether the SEC would approve a Bitcoin ETF for US stock exchanges. Delay after delay had the skeptics nodding and smiling knowingly. But then, a futures ETF was finally approved. Meanwhile, in Canada, they already have spot ETFs—will the SEC follow and approve some in the US? Find out the situation with crypto exchange-traded funds. Are they a good thing or a bad thing?

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The anti-establishment vs global elite

Anti-establishment sentiment used to be a largely political thing. Today it’s not. The global elite is becoming more and more recognizable to the average person and more and more suspicious. Who are the plutocracy and why are they in charge of money, culture, media, and education? Not only that, can the rest of the population come together and find a common banner to rally around?

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Can tokenization technology fight cybercrime and privacy breaches in fintech?

There are some fundamental solutions that tokenization proposes to all kinds of industries and assets—including real estate. Tokenization reduces trust and intermediaries, enables peer-to-peer transactions, speeds up and uncomplicates processes, and enables fractional investment. But there are other interesting opportunities for asset-backed tokenization in real estate, land, and natural resources. Find out how tokenization can change how we think about real estate assets.

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15 tokenization terms you need to know

Tokenization is a big concept encompassing a lot of interesting developments and innovations. From utility tokens to security tokens to tokenized securities, it can get a little confusing. Here’s a short glossary of some of the important terms you’ll want to know when learning about tokenization.

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The history of cryptocurrency

Very few people know about the dedicated cryptographers who paved the way for Bitcoin. Here’s what you need to know about the history of cryptocurrency and why it’s important in understanding the crypto ecosystem today.

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What is staking crypto?

What is “staking” cryptocurrency, and why is it important? Can you stake any cryptocurrency, and what are the big differences between staking and mining crypto? We examine these topics and more.

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