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6 Founding fathers of blockchain

It wasn’t just one person who created the technology that enabled cryptocurrency. There were several founding fathers of blockchain who all added their own critical pieces of the puzzle. By the time Satoshi Nakamoto came along, all the elements for Bitcoin already existed. It was simply an innovative new way to implement them that changed the crypto game forever…

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Do you have your blockchain domain?

Part of the vision of the decentralized web is to make the internet uncensorable. In order to do that, lots of infrastructure has to be moved from centralized organizations to decentralized implementations. Secure blockchain domains like .eth domains from Ethereum Name Service are one of the key steps in making that possible. Here’s what you need to know about getting your own Web3 domain.

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Crypto titan Profile brock pierce decentral publishing

Profile: crypto titan Brock Pierce

Crypto titan Brock Pierce has had an interesting path, from a child actor to a crypto billionaire. Find out more about his ventures, his path, and his future ambitions in Decentral Publishing’s latest crypto entrepreneur profile.

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CBDC central bank digital currency

Central bank digital currency or nah

Do lack of security and increased interest in central bank digital currencies negate any benefit digital fiat might provide like driving crypto adoption? Here’s what you need to know about CBDCs.

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