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Should you store NFTs in a hardware wallet?

Wondering if you can store NFTs in a hardware wallet? You can! Learning how to transfer your NFTs to a cold wallet is a great step to protect your NFT investments from getting stolen or hacked. Using a hardware wallet with your NFTs requires a third-party platform like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. Check out how the process works in this quick guide!

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3 signs it’s time to sell your NFTs

Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules – every situation is unique. But if you’re feeling uneasy about your NFT investment, it might be time to consider selling. Here are some signs you should consider.

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Narratives driving crypto (Part 7 of 7): play-to-earn

The narratives driving crypto shape how people choose to participate and invest in the ecosystem. In this blog series, we’ve gone through five of the major stories being told in the crypto world and how to make plays capitalizing on them. This last part in the series reveals how play-to-earn is a major story in the crypto world as well as the gaming world. Its impact will not go unnoticed in multiple industries!

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4 interesting use cases for Bitcoin

There are a lot of things you can do with Bitcoin besides buy and hold. Of course, that’s a solid strategy but it’s not the only way to use it. From getting out of fiat, to international transfers, buying that lambo, and a world reserve currency (!?), here are 4 interesting use cases for Bitcoin explained.

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satoshi is a woman

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Ever since Bitcoin came on the scene, people have been speculating about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. To this day, no one really knows who he/she/they could have been. Was it a person? An organization? It’s hard to tell. But there are bread crumbs. Here are all the reasons pointing to the possibility that Nakamoto was a woman.

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Are stablecoins symbolic of progress?

The idea that recreating the mechanisms of central banking on a blockchain and calling them low-risk stablecoins is hilarious. What are some of the reasons people argue in favor of stablecoins and are those arguments valid? Or, on the other hand, are stablecoins drawing regulation and creating barriers to progress? Here’s what you need to know about the future of stablecoins.

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