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Phygital person in vr touching panel for decentral publishing

The phygital world is transforming customer experience

The phygital world is transforming customer experience, as companies race to create immersive virtual realities that let customers truly immerse themselves in their products. And the metaverse – a term for the digital equivalent of reality itself – is at the forefront of this trend. So what does the metaverse have in store for customer experience?

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sovereign doomer crypto investment strategy image of astronaut standing at a space portal after doomsday decental publishing

A doomer’s crypto investment strategy

You’ve probably heard of the term “doomer” or “prepper.” In fact, when a crisis is very clearly on the horizon (like, I don’t know, a global pandemic), everyone becomes a prepper. But there are nuances to how each sovereign person prepares. Some are preppers, others are doomers, still others accelerationists. What’s the difference and does it matter? As you prepare for the unknown of the future, how might your investment strategy change? Hopefully this information will help you decide.

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Crypto mining malware big data technology business finance conceptual

How much do you know about crypto mining malware?

You’ve probably heard about malware designed to steal peoples’ crypto coins and other digital assets, but what about crypto mining malware? This type of virus is used in crypto malware attacks that steal someone’s CPU power – not their money or data. The hackers then use this power to mine cryptocurrency. Learn how crypto mining malware works and how to protect yourself from crypto malware attacks in this post.

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cryptocurrency trading markets bitcoin cryptocurrency graph chart digital screen forex market gold market crude oil market

What factors make cryptocurrency trading markets go up or down?

If you want to ride the bull called cryptocurrency trading markets, you’ll need to know a few things first. Is there a predictable market cycle? What creates FUD? Are you FOMO-ing in? There are many influencers that go into creating a bull market and you can’t know them all, otherwise everyone would buy the bottom and sell the top. But here is what will get you ahead of most people trying to trade crypto.

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how to research crypto

How to research crypto

Cryptocurrency research can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some cryptocurrency research steps that can help you analyze your next crypto investment.

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Crypto-backed lending market trading chart business investment

4 facts about crypto-backed lending

Crypto-backed lending is one of the most popular sectors within DeFi, and it’s disrupting the traditional lending industry. If you’re interested in learning more about crypto loans, check out these 4 quick facts about how big the crypto lending industry is and where it’s headed in the future.

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